Hosting a Denim Seminar is an idea we were playing around with for a couple years, trying to figure out exactly what would appeal to fellow denim-heads…

Are people actually interested in what we say when we talk about denim? Are there people out there who share our passion?

On March 9 2020 we planned and executed our first - an Intro to Denim - where we invited all to join us for a free, fun and educational event held in-store after hours. We wanted a time and place to (not so) formally answer the denim questions we get asked daily:

  • What is denim?

  • What is raw denim?

  • Will my jeans stretch?

  • How should I wash them?

  • etc.

Having really no idea what to expect, we ended up with a turnout of 30+ people who came together to share information, tell stories and ask questions about all things denim. It was one of, if not the best event we’ve ever had.

We started with the basics, and grew more specific when provoked by enthusiasts. Our personal king of denim, Jonathan Jacob, led the discussion and even brought (most of) his entire collection from home for people to see different fades and wash processes. It was a hit! We released some insider scoop on special denim we will have coming into our shop in coming seasons, and also some secrets on what we have now. We ended the night with a fun little trivia game to test knowledge on denim - from which TWO of you ended up going home with $100 gift cards to Danali! Very impressive!

We brought together a community of strangers with one common passion: DENIM.
It was our first - but definitely not our last. Stay tuned for the next Denim Seminar and get at us with any questions or ideas that you have!

Photography by Katrina Zborowsky

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