Winnipeg Favourites

Nine months ago we had an idea: To create a guide to share our favourite places in Winnipeg.

The idea stemmed from countless hand-written lists on the back of business cards, post-its, you name it, for people who have just moved to our city, our neighbourhoods, are here for business, pleasure, or whatever happened to bring them in to Danali that day. These are our special spots and we want to share them with you.

Now, nine months ago feels like a different world. We have to put a pause on going out to eat and drink like we used to. That being said, we strongly feel the importance, now more than ever, to present our first edition of Winnipeg Favourites. Our community is filled with exceptional people doing exceptional things. Let's support each other however we can during this time, and make sure all your favourites are around at the end of this.

Graphic by 26 Projects

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