Jonny Guy 25th Anniversary Jean

If you know Jon, you know that denim is his ultimate passion. To honour his 25 year anniversary at Danali (amazing!), Aubrey asked if he would be interested in creating a jean with Naked & Famous Denim. Ecstatic, he started working on it right away. The jean features a custom fit designed by Jonathan Jacob, suitably called the Jonny Guy. Adorned with a custom natural tan leather patch, the jean sits at the waist with a relaxed top block and straight leg with a soft taper. The denim is a 14.5 oz Japanese selvage in a low tension weave. We used 100% copper washer burred rivets. This allows a little peek of denim popping through around the centre of the rivet. The copper will gain a beautiful patina with wear. The closure used is an oxidized copper button fly with a lazy J-stitch. We incorporated a peekaboo selvage coin pocket detail. The back pockets are secured with Bar-tacks and hidden rivets and the hem of the back pocket is two rows of a lock stitch. If you roll up your denim you will expose a skinny-busted selvage outseam. All of this sewn up by masterful hands by the good folks at Naked and Famous Denim. 

To celebrate this huge milestone, we had to throw a party! We invited everyone who expressed interest in the Jonny Guy, as there were only 50 pairs made, we knew they would move fast. That night alone, over 50% of the jeans sold out! He obviously knows what he's doing! Jon hand stamped your # of/50 and your initials into the leather with each purchase. We had so much fun with each of you - the photos and the memories will live in our hearts (and on our blog) forever. 

We are now completely sold out of the Jonny Guy 25th Anniversary Jean. But not to worry. If you're feeling like you missed out... Stay tuned on our Instagram, or sign up for our email list. We have a special announcement coming soon...




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