20th Anniversary of Men's and Women's Clothing

This October marked our 20th year of men's and women's clothing on the corner of Grant and Kenaston. Danali started in 1979 as a small menswear store in downtown Winnipeg. Aubrey worked at the shop for a couple years before purchasing Danali in 1986. It remained as a mens store up until 20 years ago, when Aubrey had a vision to expand his mens clothing business to include womenswear. It turned out to be the best business decision he ever made. 

To mark the occasion, we hosted an after-hours appreciation party for our "Danali family" - the people who have supported us over the years, helping us get to where we are now. We had over 200 people in attendance over the course of the evening, including over 10 brand reps from New York, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto fly in to celebrate with us, which was incredibly special. 

It was the first event where we kept our tills closed, and threw a party in true Danali style. We wanted to share with you these photos from the evening. We encourage you to save and share these photos on your social media, and with your friends & family! Don't forget to tag us :)

We had the most wonderful weekend celebrating 20 years of men's and women's clothing at Danali, and are so looking forward to the next 20+. Thank you for being you.

Photography by Kat Willson

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