How long have you been at Danali?
Ha, since the day I was born - I grew up in my dad’s shop, playing bingo and eating treats in the back.
It took me until I graduated from University, with a B.A. in a completely unrelated field, to realize it was something I wanted to be an integral part of. I began working part-time at Danali in November 2010, and full-time about 4 years ago.

What is your favourite part of working at Danali and why?
Oh, so many things. Danali is more than just a shop - it’s a feeling, an experience - something very special that people recognize from the moment they walk in. To know that my dad created this place, where I now spend my days alongside him, continuing and expanding his vision of Danali for the future, means the whole world. The people who walk through our doors everyday - staff and clients - and the relationships I have built being a part of Danali.

What are your favourite places in Winnipeg?
So many great new places in Winnipeg over the last few years! My home. Anywhere surrounded by people who I love, with good food and wine.

What inspires you?
The buying trips we go on: New York four times a year, twice for men’s and twice for women’s
As well as to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto. Seeing the next season’s fashions before they come out is always inspiring. I also find inspiration in merchandising the shop - putting different styles, prints, colours together in a way that makes sense, and the reciprocal response I receive from the people who walk in. Constantly inspired by the people around me.

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My name is Lexi, and I’m Jessie’s beloved first cousin. I can fully agree that plenty of bold, joyous memories stemmed from growing up near and at Danali.

From it’s beginning down the strip mall, to it’s current location, there has always been uncle Aubrey at the heart of the operation. He is either physically there, or within a few miles away ready to visit with you.

Being a young girl with Jessie, we used to go for cheese sticks at Harvest Bakery and candy at the Scoop n’ Weigh (past location near Danali).

I’m so proud to be Jessie’s cousin and uncle Aubrey’s niece; And they are so proud to run their store. Constantly impressed by the layout and feels at Danali, it’s always worth a step inside the inviting doors. You may get a handshake, you may get a hug, you may get a pleasant hello. At least one of those three!

Lexi May 05, 2020

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