Pure Blue Japan

Jacquard Indigo Sweatshirt


The fabric for this sweatshirt is created by first using the yarn-dyed sweatshirt material and putting it through an indigo dyeing process known at Sakizome, or to dye the yarns prior to the sewing of the fabric. This process, although more tedious, allows for a deeper and more illustrious hue of indigo on the fabric. This unique blend allows the fabric to retain an indigo tone with depth while still maintaining a very soft feeling fabric.

  • Rope Dyed Indigo yarns
  • Chainstitch run offs
  • Cable knit motif throughout
  • Paneled pits with air vents
  • Classic 'V' neck construction
  • PBJ Indigo Leaf Logo
  • Slim Fit
  • 100% cotton
Color: Indigo

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