Bengan Misfit Creature #2


This baseball jacket is crafted from a supple, lustrous satin fabric made with a mix of Ahisma silk and organic cotton. Ahimsa silk, or peace silk as it's also called, is produced in a non-violent way. It's a method that allows the silkworms to hatch and then uses the silk fibers inside the cocoons only after the butterfly has left. Back to the jacket. At front you find piped smile pockets and a logo flock print. The pale red lining made with recycled polyester is a very happy surprise. The inside also features a zipped pocket. Finally, a flock print adorns the back. It's some kind of unspecified, unadjusted animal. Let's just say you won't go by unnoticed in this peaceful beauty.

5% Cotton / 25% Silk

Made in Portugal

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